Thora  Birch


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Date of Birth:
March 11, 1982 

Place of Birth:
Los Angeles, California, USA 

Height: 5' 4" 

Thora's father Jack, and mom Carol, named her after the Norse god Thor ("Thora" being the feminine), the god of thunder; she has a younger brother named Bolt.  Thora appeared in one of the "classic" California raisin commercials in 1986 (at age 4).  At age 6, Thora appeared in "Purple People Eater" and won a Youth in Film Award for her performance.  Then she appeared in the television series "Parenthood," which costarred a not-yet-discovered Leonardo DiCaprio.  Thora's breakout movie was "Paradise" with bona fide stars Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith; Thora bested 4,000 young hopefuls to land the role, and she again got great reviews.  Thora got real recognition by having a starring role in "Monkey Trouble" (1994), in which her affection for her pet (and sometimes scene-stealing) monkey basically carried the entire movie (she and the monkey did their own stunts).  All grown up, this petite beauty (5'4") with green eyes had a major role in "American Beauty" (1999) which won 5 Oscar awards.  Thora delivered a strong, effective performance as the alienated daughter of parents whose mid-life crises drive them to affairs and destruction; her acting was convincing and inspired, and once again received good reviews.  A down-to-earth young woman in real life, she loves Italian food and diet root beer.  At 18, Thora has two dozen movie and TV credits, and has worked with top name stars, and been in a 5-Oscar winning movie.  Thora lives on her family's East L.A. ranch, where she recently finished high school through a computer-based correspondence course.  She still hopes to try her hand at directing someday, but for now she's content to continue blossoming in front of the camera.  She was fired from Election due to differences with the director.


Ghost World (2001) Enid 

The Hole (2001) Liz Dunn ... aka After the Hole (2001) (USA) 

Dungeons & Dragons (2000) Empress Savina ... aka Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie (2001) (UK: promotional title) 

The Smokers (2000) Lincoln Roth 

Anywhere But Here (1999) (uncredited) Mary 

American Beauty (1999) Jane Burnham 

Night Ride Home (1999) (TV) Clea Mahler 

"Touched by an Angel" (1997) TV Series "Erin" in episode: "The Pact" (episode # 4.6) 

"Promised Land" (1997) TV Series "Allison Rhodes" in episode: "Running Scared" (episode # 1.15)

Alaska (1996) Jessie Barnes 

"The Outer Limits" (1995) TV Series "Aggie Travers" in episode: "Choice, The" (episode # 1.6) 

Now and Then (1995) Young Tina 'Teeny' Tercell 

"Monty" (1994) TV Series "Ann Sherman" 

Monkey Trouble (1994) Eva Boylan ... aka Pet (1994)

Clear and Present Danger (1994) Sally Ryan 

Hocus Pocus (1993) Dani Dennison 

The Itsy Bitsy Spider (1992) (voice) 

The Secret World of Spying (1992) (TV) Sally Ryan 

Patriot Games (1992) Sally Ryan 

All I Want for Christmas (1991) Hallie O'Fallon 

Paradise (1991) Billie Pike 

"Parenthood" (1990) TV Series (as Thora) Taylor Buckman 

"Doogie Howser, M.D." (1989) TV Series "Megan" 

Purple People Eater (1988) (as Thora) Molly Johnson 

"Day by Day" (1988) TV Series (as Thora) Molly 


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